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Let Me Introduce Myself – Jacob of Tech Presenters

I am Jacob of Tech Presenters, and I am the founder of this website. My goal is to help regular people, like you, with tips and tricks to make working with media, technology and presentations easier.

Although my background is heavily technical, I aim to give tips that will help the technically and non-technically inclined alike.

The production of content and presentations is both my passion and my profession. In my long career as a technical specialist, I focus directly on media, presentation support and technology. My personal interests take me into the related directions of multi-media production, content creation, and checking out gadgets. In many ways, I am lucky as my interests line up with the work that I do for a living.

Jacob’s Work Background

My work experience includes 20 years of presentation support, 10 years of webcast facilitation, 8 years of capturing video, and 5 years as a content creator for websites. This background gives me a unique perspective to see what worked for presentations and content creation, and what did not.

As such, I want to provide you tips and tricks to help you in presenting information to others. I will start the site by focusing on presentations but plan to move into content creation and technology as time moves forward.

Introducing Jacob of Tech Presenters - Credentials
For many years, I have been the media tech producing content and providing presentation support to large events. I have seen what works and what does not.

Jacob of Tech Presenters Education

In addition to plenty of technology, presentation and media work experience, I am also fortunate enough to work in the occupation for which I studied. I hold a University Degree in Media, Information and Technoculture. Technoculture is the study of how technology affects culture. I also hold a College Diploma as an Audio, Visual and Multi-Media Production Technician. Finally, I earned a university level writing certificate and a technical certification too.

Of course, I actively enjoy learning more about the forever changing fields of technology, media and presentations. I attend webinars, take online courses and continuously learn through work experience too.

All of this training will help me in helping you. While I am no trainer, it is my intention that you will leave better armed to tackle your presentations and media related tasks.

Jacob’s Perspective on Public Speaking

Whether someone is presenting online, or to a group of people in person, I find that most people are not actually afraid of speaking to other people. What scares most people is looking bad in front of others and being judged. Technology adds another hurdle to presenting. When looking at a crowd of people, it is hard to look past the microphone when you are unsure if it will work.

Giving a Presentation
It is hard to look past the microphone when you are not sure if the presentation technology will work.

Early in my career a coworker told me that “people don’t fear technology, they fear looking stupid in front of others.” To me, this statement really resonated. I find this statement to be very true.

Since then, I have focused on removing the technology hurdle so that presenters can focus on their message rather than worrying about all of the media and technology that goes along with the presentation. Physically, I can’t be at all of your meetings. Instead, this website will give you tips and tricks to help you remove the technology hurdle so you can focus on your message for your audience.

Bringing it Together…

Thank you for spending a little bit of time today in getting to know me. I am Jacob of Tech Presenters and I am really looking forward to growing this website and helping people with their presentations and media creations.

If you have something specific that you would like to ask to this website, please check out my contact page and send me an email. I would love to hear from you.

Until next time, Happy Presenting Everyone!!!